Baixar Honista v7.0 | Instagram Estilo iPhone – APk Android Atualizado 2023


Honista v5.0 | Instagram Estilo iPhone para Android Atualizado 2023
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Baixar Honista v5.0 | Instagram Estilo iPhone – APk Android Atualizado 2023

There are a lot of modified versions of the Instagram app, but the download of Honista apk for Android is one direct link, the best of these apps ever, because it contains many features and characteristics that many Instagram users in general and those looking for modified versions of Instagram in particular are looking for.

So if you are looking for a modified version of Instagram that gives you some features that are not available in the official Instagram, you should try downloading the hacked Honista app now as it provides you with a unique experience, and we will now explain a brief explanation of some of the features, characteristics and details that exist within the Honista 2022 application, with a direct  link, which it provides completely free, in addition to a link to download and install the developer Insta Honista, which is one of the best alternatives that work on Android and iPhone.


Features of the Honista Insta 2022 hacked app for Android

  • Download photos and albums: By downloading the Honista iPhone, you can save the photos that friends share with the original quality of the image and without losing its quality. Downloading Honista apk for Android from Mediafire enables you to download the photos in the collected publications that contain more than one photo In the publication, by clicking the download button and choosing to download all, so that all images are saved in high quality on your mobile phone.
  • Save videos and stories: Now, after downloading honista for iPhone, you can save videos, stories, and videos of Reels from Instagram on your Android device with ease, without the need to download additional applications for Android for this purpose.
  • Change the appearance of the entire Insta: The Honista application for Android enables you to change all the elements of the appearance of the Insta for Android for free, by entering the appearance settings within the latest version of Honista and fully controlling all things related to the appearance such as color and arrangement of elements.
  • Hide the message tick: One of the things that many search for and which is provided by downloading Honista 2021 Apk, the latest free version, is hiding the message tick, which enables friends to know that you have read their messages, so you can hide the two ticks by activating the ghost mode inside the Honista app, the latest version No one will be able to know if you have seen the messages or not.
  • Blocking Instagram ads: “Download the Honista app for Android” gives you the ability to filter ads that appear to you within Instagram, or to completely block all those ads from within Instagram, and you can also block all suggested pages and accounts that appear to you while browsing Instagram.
  • Saving internet consumption: Downloading an updated hacked Honista gives you the ability to save internet consumption by selecting to display photos and videos in low quality while browsing Instagram on your Android phone.
  • Copying the written content (caption): Download the Honista apk application for Android. You can now copy the writings on the posts or in the comments by long clicking on the post or long clicking on the comment as well.


What’s new in downloading Insta Honista 2022, the latest version?

As we mentioned previously, one of the features is that the download of Insta Honista 2022 for Android is always updated, and new version are always provided for it from our website for free, due to the new additions that are placed within the application periodically, and among the very powerful additions within the “Insta Honista app” in the latest update It is the (ghost mode) that was added by the development team for downloading the Honista Apk, and this mode makes you browse Instagram like ghosts (no one knows about you), and therefore no one will see you in Last Seen chats, and if you read messages, the two ticks will not appear inside the message Thus, no one will know about your existence, download the hacked Honista app for smartphones, you can also watch Insta stories without the person with the story knowing that you have seen the story at all and download the new modified fonts, emoji and stories, so this situation can be hidden through it completely inside Instagram.

How to download photos and albums within the Honista app?

All you have to do now in order to save photos and albums to your mobile phone is to click the download button below the posts, and then the latest Insta Honista app will automatically download your photos and videos on your Android device, and if you want to download an entire photo album with one click, you have to By clicking on the download button, and then clicking on the (Download All Items) option, you will find that golden honista automatically downloads all the images in the post to your device.

How to open insta media on phone without downloading?

You can now open photos and videos outside of Insta by using Honista apk, by clicking the “Open As” button located next to the download button below the posts, and through this button you can open photos and videos in applications that you run on mobile without saving this media on your phone They just run without downloading the phone at all and without using your phone’s space.

Download Honista APK 2022 Information

? Version 6.0
✅ Size 61.1 Mb
? Available on Android 4.0+
? App Name Honista
? Last updated 1 day ago
? Genre  instagram